Beach Themed Birthday

This birthday party was held at a client’s beautiful beach front home for her adorable little girl.  The spectacular views of the ocean provided the perfect back drop for our aqua and white beach themed sweets table.

179 beach 6th bday 060714WPSSweet treats included chocolate dipped Oreos, coconut cake pops, sea star cookies, “oyster” macarons, “beach pebbles” (jelly beans), “beach balls” (sassy spheres) and of course, a sand bucket birthday cake!

beach 6th bday cake pops, cookies, chocolate dipped oreos WPSbeach 6th bday 060714WPS180 beach 6th bday 060714WPS175 beach 6th bday 060714WPS

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Sweet and Simple: Pop Star Cookies

Whether I’m styling a sweets table, designing party favor packages or giving away home baked goods to a friend, presentation is always key for me.   A nice presentation however, doesn’t have to be costly, lavish or extravagant.   In the photo below for instance,  simple cookie designs + bright colors + Good & Plenty licorice candy =  sweet and simple styling.  1160popstar cookiesHappy Birthday, Ava!  You are definitely a star !

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Under the Sea/Mermaid Party

A while back, sweet little M celebrated her 4th birthday with an Under the Sea/Mermaid themed party.  The challenge was to style a sweet Mermaid party without scaring away the boys!   The easiest way to achieve that was to stay away from the greens and purples typically seen in Ariel’s costume and go for some more gender neutral colors such as blues and beige/gold.   My source of inspiration?  The gold “Warning Mermaids” sign and the beautiful “peacock” and “pool sparkles” tissue paper I picked up from  Paper Source.

753under the sea MK9713WPSSweet treats included jello cups, madeleines, gummy sharks, mini donuts, jelly-fish cookies and M&Ms.

09713under the sea snacksWPSA separate table was set up for additional snacks such as “sand dollars” (rice crackers), “shark bait” (goldfish pretzels), “crab claws and sea cucumbers” (carrot and cucumber sticks), “deep water pearls” (grapes) and “sea urchins” (mini tangerines).

749under the sea MK9713WPSAnd of course, here’s the magnificent birthday cake that had every party guest oohing and awing.  What’s not to love about this cake from Jill, who never fails to amaze me with her attention to detail!

757under the sea MK9713WPSBelow are some mermaid picks I purchased from Meri Meri a while back.  They’re designed to be cupcake toppers, but they also work great in jello cups and fruit cups — pretty much anything you want to add some interest or detail to.  These are a great option if you’re short on time or unable to create your own toppers.

746under the sea MK9713WPSI love these gummy sharks I found at Sweet Factory — they were the perfect shade of blue and a huge hit with the kids!

762under the sea MK9713WPS758under the sea MK9713WPS764under the sea MK9713WPSLooking for a great party activity that will keep 14 kids ages 3-6 interested, occupied and seated?   Cookie decorating (using food decorator pens, not royal icing), was mess free and perfect for both girls and boys in that age range.  If you’re thinking of doing this as an activity, be sure to ice your cookies well in advance and let them dry completely before allowing the kids to “draw” on them.   Each kid was given three iced cookies to decorate and take home…. they were so proud of their creations!

743under the sea MK9713WPSunder the sea cookie decorating 2 WPSOther activities included a crafting station, an “Under the Sea Explorers” tattoo station and some traditional games such as Jelly Fish Drop (aka “clothespin drop”) and Pass the Sea Urchin (aka “hot potato”, but using a squishy puffer ball instead).  In our version of the game, there were no losers — whoever was holding the sea urchin when the music stopped left the circle to pick up their prize.  It was win-win for all!

729under the sea MK9713WPS731under the sea MK9713WPSAt the end of the day, everyone left happy, including the birthday girl, who was smiling from ear to ear and wanting the day to start all over again!


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Foofa Birthday Party

707foofa82413WPSThis Foofa themed sweets table was styled for an adorable little girl who just turned three.  The birthday girl requested Foofa with lots of pinks and purples and we were more than happy to comply!  Sweet treats included some fun Foofa chocolate cake pops, vanilla marshmallows wrapped in fondant ribbons and adorned with little flowers, kid-friendly grape jello shots and a garden bed of delicious flower cookies.

689foofa82413WPS684 690 695 foofa treats82413WPS701 716 706 foofa treats82413WPS702foofa82413WPS


709foofa82413WPSSince the party was held at an art studio, we incorporated some fun, artsy elements into our design by adding “paint brushes” and “paint cans” at the kids table.

726foofa82413WPS722foofa82413WPS 721foofa82413WPSSuch a cute little party with a cute group of kids….


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Pirate Party – Happy Birthday, Matey!

Ahoy me hearties!  Here’s another fun pirate party to share with you….  This sweets table was styled for a special little pirate’s 5th birthday, using traditional red and black pirate colors along with some burlap and jute for a rustic feel.

0249pirate 050513WPS0253pirate 050513WPS0221pirate 050513WPS0257pirate 050513WPS0242pirate 050513WPSSweet treats included chocolate malt balls, strawberry fruit pastilles, coconut marshmallows, chocolate bars and chocolate coins.  Liz, from Sugar Magnolia Baking, made the fabulous cake and cookies.  My favorite is the “x” marks the spot cookies — they’re simple, cute and they’re perfect for any pirate party!

0222pirate 050513WPS0261pirate 050513WPS0262pirate 050513WPSPirate swords (Jelly Belly Scented Giant Bubble Wands), along with the candy, cookies and chocolate gold bars and coins were sent home as take away gifts.

0241pirate 050513WPS0237pirate 050513WPS

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Fairy Garden Party: Part 2 – Fairy Activities and Crafts

Last week I shared with you images from my daughter’s Fariy Garden sweets table.  This week, I wanted to share the fun fairy activities we had planned for her and all her adorable friends.

fairy cottage craft WPS0181 The first activity I had planned was for the girls to create their own fairy cottages out of some wooden birdhouses I purchased from Michael’s.  The other supplies I purchased  for this project included:  round cake boards, moss, pebbles, brown ribbon, pine cones (all from Michael’s),  mini ladybugs (from Oriental Trading Company), fake flowers, poster tack and glue (all from the Dollar Store).  If you can find a bag of pine cone scales somewhere, then the set-up for this project won’t take you very long ….. otherwise, expect to spend some time removing the scales from the pine cones using a floral cutter (I spent about 2 hours removing scales from 16 large pine cones and ended up with 2 blisters to show for it — ouch!!). You’ll need about one large pine cone for each house.

fairy cottage craft project WPSI trimmed each cake board with some brown ribbon for a finished look and drew and labeled the different areas of the board — cottage, moss and rocks — just to keep the assembly easy and straight forward.  I also printed out each girl’s name and made miniature signs by gluing them to some twigs and attaching them to the cake board using poster tack.

fairy cottage craft project 3 WPSThis was a fantastic activity for this age group (mainly 5 and 6 year olds).  We had 18 kids at the party and I had a total of 4 adults there to supervise — just the right amount of child:adult ratio.   As far as time frame, most kids were finished within half an hour, so be prepared to have other activities planned!

fairy cottage craft WPS 1830 fairy cottage craft WPS 1834Once the girls were done gluing the scales onto the roof and decorating their base, I placed their creations into a box and added in a mini craft kit, which included a tube of glue, glitter glue, a paint brush, a paint set, a small envelope of “pixie dust” (aka glitter) and instructions on how to complete their fairy cottages. This project doubled as a party activity and as a crafty party favor, which they brought home to paint and personalize.

fairy cottage craft project 2 WPSHere are a couple of the completed cottages — all painted and ready for some fairy visits!

fairy cottage craft WPS 0206fairy cottage craft WPS 0191With a party this size, things can easily get out of control, especially when the kids are allowed to just “play” on their own.  The party was three hours long, so to avoid melt-downs and conflicts, I hired on “Tatiana”, Queen of the Flower Fairies (from In The Company of Fairies) to stop by and entertain the girls with some face painting, story telling and fairy games.   It was amazing how she was able to captivate every single one of them and keep them happy and smiling! Take a look at these adorable fairies and how much fun they had…

fairy garden party activities WPSfairy garden party fairies 1fairy garden party fairies 2While the girls waited patiently to have their faces painted by Tatiana, we kept them occupied with the following activities:

Pin the Fairy on the Flower (a game by Eeboo)

eeboo pin the flower on the fairy

Temporary glitter tattoos by Savvi ( I love this brand as the tattoos are made in the USA:)

glitter tattoos by savvi

Nail painting, using some Glass Slipper nail polish (a clear polish with a bit of sparkle) and some butterfly and flower nail art (all from Piggy Paint — one of my favorite lines for kids)

piggy paint butterfly_nail_art piggy paint flower nail artpiggy paint glass slippers

If you’re looking for more ideas, below are some DIY fairy dust necklaces that can also be done as a party craft , but be prepared to get glitter all over your house if you do!  Instead of making these at the party,  my daughter and I made them a week before and handed them out to her classmates as sweet little event reminders.  We also gave a few out as party favors to those who had not received one.

fairy dust in a bottle4613WPS1798To make these necklaces, fill up some mini glass bottles with glitter (use a mini funnel to help get the glitter into the tiny jars).  Add some glue to the mouth of the bottle before inserting the cork, then add a drop of glue to the top of the cork before inserting the eye pin.  This will ensure both the eye pin and cork will stay in place.  Attach the jump ring to the eye pin (eye pins and jump rings can be found at Michael’s in the jewelry department).  Finally, thread the ribbon through the jump ring and you’re done!

fairy dust necklaces4613WPS 1820Overall, it was a fun and fabulous day filled with lots of girly activities.  My daughter had an amazing time with her friends and it was wonderful to see all the girls smiling, dancing and having a great time being fairies for the afternoon!

To see the sweet treats that were also sent home as party favors, take a look at the Fairy Garden sweets table post.



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Fairy Garden Party – Part 1: Sweets Table

fairy garden 0002  WPS 040613My oldest daughter just celebrated her 6th birthday and had a wonderful time immersing herself in the magical world of fairies. This year’s theme was a fairy garden party, with feminine floral elements and beautiful shades of pinks and greens.

fairy garden 0018 WPS 040613The inspiration for this table came from some silk fuchsia peonies and green ranunculus I found at Pier 1 Imports.  These reminded me of a beautiful summer garden and were perfect for adding some texture to the table and for bringing in that extra punch of color!

fairy garden 0022 WPS 040613Sweet treats included Fairy Pillows (marshmallows), Fairy Kisses (mini meringues), Flower Cookies, Magic Cake Pops, and some bright pink gumballs and raspberry english toffee.

fairy garden 0010 WPS 040613fairy garden 0011 WPS 040613 fairy garden 0012WPS 040613My talented friend, Liz, from Sugar Magnolia Baking, made the cake and did an amazing job!

fairy garden 0015  WPS 0406130020 fairy garden WPS 040613

0017fairy garden WPS 040613What were my favorite things about this table?  The bright, cheerful colors, the white paper flower backdrop and the sweet and feminine details  – the tiny ladybugs, the details on the cake, the fairy figurines — all the little things that help to make the table interesting, engaging and complete.

0026 fairy garden WPS 040613 The kids were served cake, fruit and popcorn at the party, but all the other treats on the table were given away at the end as part of their party favour.  This worked out perfectly as the girls had been eyeing the sweets table from the beginning and were all excited and happy to receive their goodie bags, filled with a variety of treats.  It was great to send them home with a smile on their faces!

I’ll be posting “Part 2:  Fairy Activities and Crafts” later next week!

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Angry Birds Birthday Party

1747angry birds31013WPSHere are the rest of the photos from the Angry Birds party we styled for our lovely client and her adorable little 4 year old daughter.  We had such a great time pulling in all the elements from this popular game!

1745angry birds31013WPSHere’s a closer look at our sweet treats:

1744angry birds31013WPSVanilla macarons, which were displayed inside our little DIY nest and labeled as “eggs”…

1741angry birds31013WPSFruit cups filled with berries and grapes…

1774angry birds31013WPSGummy worms labeled as an “Early Bird Special” and M&Ms labeled as “Angry Bird Droppings”…

1752angry birds31013WPSSome very angry, Angry bird cake pops…

1773angry birds31013WPSChocolate pig cupcakes adorned with little pink bows and sparkly crowns…

1757angry birds31013WPS And of course, a fun Angry Birds scene cake. 

1756angry birds31013WPS1759angry birds31013WPSDon’t you just love this adorable family of pigs?

angry bird characters WPS1767angry birds31013WPSTo complete our table, we included some “level 4″ cookies and slingshot cookies.

1769angry birds31013WPS1755angry birds31013WPSBelow are the DIY games I mentioned in the last post — Knock Down the Pigs and Pin the Birds on the Pigs.

1725knock down the pigs game WPS1731angry bird balls WPS1724pin the birds on the pigs game WPS1736angry birds31013WPSParty favors included Angry Bird activity books, crayons and some goodies nestled inside a “TNT” box.

1733angry birds31013WPS1735angry birds31013WPSAt the kids tables, we set out popcorn boxes and fruit cups at each seat and placed jars of pretzel sticks and carafes filled with lemonade at the center of each table.  To keep the kids occupied while at their seats, we had little red and white polka dot boxes filled with crayons and glitter glue along with Angry Bird coloring sheets and yellow crowns for them to decorate.

1787angry birds31013WPS1789angry birds31013WPSIt was such a treat for us to see the joy and excitement in the children’s faces when they walked into the room and laid their eyes on the sweets table and kiddie tables!  Happy Birthday Ava and thank you for letting us be a part of this special day!

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